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Atlanta Wedding DJ – What To Look For in A Wedding DJ – DJ Cuttlefish

Congratulations, you’re getting married!

So now you’ve started planning your wedding reception. And you may find yourself wondering:

What should you be looking for in a DJ?

A wedding DJ is an integral part of keeping the evening running smoothly. Most DJ’s not only cue and mix the music, fill the dance floor and set the mood – they also make all of the announcements, MC the reception, make the introductions, and provide the party lighting for the dance floor, and sooo much more.

With so much responsibility, you want to make sure you choose the right DJ!

Here are 5 things you should look for:

  1. A Professional Website with Great Reviews – Many times, hiring out a friend or letting a family member run the music can be a total catastrophe. You don’t want an amateur behind the mic who has no idea what they’re doing! Make sure your DJ has positive reviews with other brides, which means you know they will do a great job and keep the dance floor full. DJ Cuttlefish is a leader in Atlanta with tons of stellar reviews. Click here to read our reviews.
  2. They Primarily Work Weddings – You want to book a DJ who already knows the ins and outs of a wedding schedule: ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, grand entrances and first dances. Weddings are very different from “clubs” or corporate parties, and you want to make sure the DJ that you book already has plenty of experience in the wedding industry. Our DJs have performed at hundreds (if not thousands by now!) of weddings. Click here to view our wedding category on the blog!
  3. Referrals from Wedding Planners – Has this DJ worked with your wedding planner, or venue coordinator before? Have they heard of them? Are they well known in your city by the wedding vendors? WE ARE! If you’re on the right path, you can rest assured from these referrals that they will do a great job. All of our DJs are recognized professionals in the industry. Click here to see all of our DJ’s profiles and reviews!
  4. You Love Their DJ Mixes – Look for samples of the DJ’s work, which usually can be found online. Do you like their mixes? Their song choices? What about the genres and transitions? Taking a listen before you book a DJ is a great idea, so you know if they’ll be a good fit for you. Click here to check out our DJ’s mixes!
  5. They Have The Necessary Equipment – Make sure that the DJ you book can provide the right kind of equipment for your special day! Is your ceremony in a field with no electricity? Better make sure they have a battery pack or sufficient extension cords, and wireless microphones! Or is your reception on top of a mountain, with limited wifi and cell service? Then your DJ will need to have a backup library of offline music they can access without wifi or data. There are so many technicalities behind the music that most don’t even think about! We do! Click here to check out all of the equipment included in your wedding package when you book DJ Cuttlefish!

Having a great DJ can make all the difference on such a special day! The right DJ will know exactly how to keep your wedding running smoothly, and keep your guests entertained all night.

Once you’ve found the right one, don’t be afraid to reach out and let them know exactly what music you do (and DO NOT) want to hear, to make your wedding night the best it can possibly be!

Click here to reach out to our sales team to learn more about each of our amazing Atlanta wedding DJs with DJ Cuttlefish.