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Wedding at Urban Tree Cidery – Projector Used During Ceremony – DJ Cuttlefish

We had the pleasure of going out to a non traditional wedding ceremony and reception at Urban Tree Cidery. Jenny was their assigned DJ and loved every bit of it!

Jen and BJ, announced as Mr. and Mrs. Reeves, told guests to come as they are, had a street taco bar, and incredible attitudes!

When we asked them what kind of music they wanted to hear, they expressed that many genres were in their realm of likability and we quote them saying “Dance and drink – What else does a wedding need?? I suppose vows but we’ll take care of that too : )”

Our kind of answer!

Speaking of vows, they used our included Projector as the backdrop for their ceremony and it was as cool as can be! They also used our Branded Video DJ Facade as a way to personalize the event!

See photos and video below!

urban tree cidery dj 800px

urban tree cidery dj 800px 1