Atlanta May Mix – Dj Cuttlefish – Far Out Galaxy

When making a new mix we think about creating good energy and flow that makes people dance and entertains them. We are passionate about music and we love to see our listeners have a good time. It is important that we have a vision of where we are starting and where we are going musically. To us mixing music is providing the audience with a path that leads them from one song to the next. The path we create has to have good transitions in order to keep the energy and party going. The songs we choose have to sound good together and by themselves. We keep up with popular music and are always searching for new music. We like to choose songs that have elements that lend themselves for mixing with others. Timing is key and our mixes have to be continuous. The music should never stop from one song to the next. We like to practice and experiment with new ideas. We are constantly mixing in our heads no matter where we are but what we love most is being in the zone and watching people dance and have a great time.