Primrose Cottage Wedding DJ – Allison + Ian – DJ Cuttlefish

Allison and Ian held their brunch reception at Primrose Cottage, one of Magic Moments wedding venues, and chose Rylan on our DJ Cuttlefish team to DJ the day!

When asked in their questionnaire what type of music they wanted to hear, Allison and Ian shared a few genres and artists and Rylan took it from there!

Q. What type of music do you want to hear?

A. A mix of classic and contemporary. Pop, rock, alternative. Some artists that we like are They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies, CAKE, Billy Joel, Electric Light Orchestra, Journey, and Weezer. We also like typical party/dance stuff like the Cupid Shuffle, the Cha Cha slide.

Photographer Jaimie Dee captured these images that show off our Projector Monogram, our Video DJ Facade, and just how interactive and fun Rylan can be when getting the dance floor started – the ideal DJ for if your crowd needs a little push!

Allison and Ian loved their DJ Cuttlefish experience so much that it warranted an unsolicited 5 star review!

Check out the review and photos below.