Atlanta Wedding & Event DJ – Rylan from DJ Cuttlefish

Rylan’s relationship with music developed naturally from his general curiosity as a child, but if there was one identifying moment that pushed him towards the art? When he was in elementary school and heard Baby Got Back by Sir Mix O Lot and boogied his heart out.

His budding musical career has flourished since that first introduction to Sir Mix A Lot. He joined his school band in 6th grade and played bassoon through middle school and high school until he made the transition to percussion in his high school marching band.

Over the years since then, he has honed his bass guitar skills and found a home with the DJ Cuttlefish team where he DJs weddings and special events.

Rylan’s favorite part of DJing events is being able to create an environment where people can truly be happy and live within the moment. Seeing people sing and dance with each other warms his heart and makes him grateful to be able to cultivate that experience.

Well rounded and adaptable, Rylan’s goal is to cater to any and every need. His flexibility allows him to create a lasting connection with any crowd or individual.

When preparing for an event, Rylan tries to visualize what the event will be like so he can prepare himself for all possible outcomes. He starts his morning with a routine of yoga, light meditation, and a proper breakfast to ensure that he can rock the party all night to the fullest of his ability and can go home at night with a smile on his face knowing that he truly gave the people all of his energy.

Rylan describes his DJ style as eclectic, energetic, and ethereal while describing his personal style with three words: comfort, quality, and unique.

When he’s not DJing with us or making music, Rylan loves connecting with nature and you can find him hiking or walking his dog.

Rylan is an Eagle Scout who exudes kindness, professionalism, and all around greatness that you won’t be able to deny, making him a dream to work with.