Grand Entrance Playlist – DJ Cuttlefish – Wedding & Event DJs

Grand Entrances are all about the HYPE!

Professional wedding & event DJs at DJ Cuttlefish put together a curate playlist of awesome songs to make an introduction that your guests will never forget!

Sing-A-Long Songs For Your Wedding – DJ Cuttlefish – Atlanta Wedding & Event DJs

Everyone raise your glasses, because the sing-a-long songs have arrived!

DJ Cuttlefish here, with a curated playlist of our most requested & best loved sing-a-longs for all ages, including classics like “Friends In Low Places” &  “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

These favorites are guaranteed to get your guests singing late into the night and having a blast! Or choose one as a classic Last Song of the night to end on a high note before making your exit. Check out these highly requested crowd favorites below:

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Bouquet Toss Playlist – DJ Cuttlefish – Atlanta Wedding and Event DJs

It’s that time of the night! All the single ladies out to the dance floor, because here comes the bride’s bouquet toss, and you don’t want to miss this moment!

But what song should you ask the DJ to play?

Atlanta’s wedding professionals at DJ Cuttlefish have put together a playlist of great song ideas to make the most of this classic moment, from favorites like Beyonce, to Shania Twain & more!

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Most Romantic Songs For Your Wedding – Atlanta Wedding DJ – DJ Cuttlefish

This is the moment you’ve been planning for! Your wedding is almost here, and now you’re wondering what songs you should choose to make for a magical night.

Atlanta’s best DJs at DJ Cuttlefish are here to help! We’ve put together a playlist of the “45 Most Romantic Songs” for your wedding, from years of making custom wedding playlists and mixes.

Featuring jazz, chill pop, R&B, motown classics, and more.

Open in Spotify: 45 Most Romantic Wedding Songs

Atlanta Wedding DJ – What Your Wedding DJ Wants You To Know – DJ Cuttlefish

So, you booked your wedding DJ, and now you’re wondering “what’s next?”

These event professionals can seem intimidating at first, since they’ve worked SO MANY weddings. You may be wondering “what are they expecting from me? What is the most important information that I need to share with them? What are they thinking when we discuss our plans for reception?” These are some great questions, and we can help you out!

So, what does your wedding DJ want you to know?

  1. We Want You To Be Happy – First and foremost, this is YOUR day and there is no wrong way to schedule the evening, select music or do announcements for your wedding! Every single wedding is unique, and we just want to make sure that you and your guests have a great time.
  2. Send Us That Song – So you already talked to your DJ and chose music, but you just found a great song! What do you do? Please, send it to us! It’s okay for you to message us multiple times, or to change your mind about what you song you want for the first dance. You even have an online portal with a questionnaire to do it with us!
  3.  AND Send Us What “NOT” To Play – We would rather find out before your event that a particular song is a no-go. Maybe it’s an artist whose voice you can’t stand, an overplayed crowd pleaser, a line dance you think is just too cheesy, or a song you simply don’t like. Part of playing a great mix of music is also knowing what not to play!
  4. We Do More Than Just The Music – Guess who will be announcing dinner? And cake cutting? Placing all the uplights, programming and wiring all the dance floor lighting? Yep, that’s us! We will also be coordinating with your planner every moment of the night to stay on track. So if there are any important moments happening, changes in timing or updates to your schedule, let us know!
  5. We Are ALWAYS Available! – Don’t be afraid to reach out to us! When you book with DJ Cuttlefish We want to help you have an incredible wedding, so don’t hesitate if anything comes up. You can also give our number to your fiancee and wedding planner’s phone, so they know who to contact for planning and updates.
  6. What Your Guests Want Is Important, Too – Some guests will only feel comfortable dancing to THEIR music, so we need to know who is attending! An example could be older guests who are only comfortable doing line dances (YMCA, electric slide, etc) or guests who want to hear their culture represented (are your in-laws Latino? Greek? Indian?) so please take a moment to tell us who is coming, and what music they would like to hear, so that we are prepared for their music tastes!
  7. We Will Only Take Requests If You Want Us To – Worried that your uncle and his buddies (or the groomsmen) might request some random or unsuitable songs? It’s okay to decide to have a reception that’s free from all guest requests, or only songs requested by you, ahead of time. You can also ask us to only play the “clean” versions of any songs requested, no problem!
  8. Tips Are Appreciated! – If you think your DJ did a great job, please take a moment to leave them a five star review, thank them or even give them a tip! It doesn’t have to be a large amount, and if you’d rather not handle money on your wedding night, it can also be a small thing (like maybe one of the candles or chocolates that were laid out for your guests). We guarantee this will make their night!

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