Atlanta Prom DJ – The Campus – DJ Cuttlefish

The Campus, a private school, reached out to us and our Far Out Galaxy pals, Robot Booth, to be a part of their 2k17 Prom at The Loft at Due South.

The theme was Under The Stars with Gold and Silver as the color palette that we used in our Uplighting.

We incorporated the theme by using our HD Projector for a Custom Full Color Motion Monogram that was displayed on the back wall of the dance floor. It was placed so that the silhouettes dancing hit the bottom of the design where the stars were moving, creating a magical atmosphere that the students were engulfed in.

Enjoy some photos and videos now from our team as well as some from the school’s Insta Story!

5 Moves For Your Reception Grand Entrance – DJ Cuttlefish

Hey there, hoomans.

We know that the best way to start any wedding reception is with some stellar wedding party introductions (by us truly) paired with some fun music (also by us!) and dope dance moves from you and your squad.

We’ve seen every grand entrance dance move there is and we’re here to share some that can be perfected while lining up for the grand entrances – fun and easy.

  1. The Classic Twirl & Dip
  2. Booty Bumps
  3. The Cabbage Patch
  4. Carlton
  5. Smile and wave boys, smile and wave.


Wedding at Cloverleaf Farm – Atlanta Event DJ – DJ Cuttlefish

Nicole + Art held their underwater themed wedding at Cloverleaf Farm, a stunning farm property close to Athens, GA. With rolling greenery, a beautiful historic home, and a fun barn in the backyard, this place is perfect for gettin’ down.

Here are some photos from Six Hearts Photography now. Stay tuned for more to come!

Wedding at Cloverleaf Farm - Atlanta Event DJ - DJ Cuttlefish 1

Wedding at Cloverleaf Farm - Atlanta Event DJ - DJ Cuttlefish 2

Wedding at Cloverleaf Farm - Atlanta Event DJ - DJ Cuttlefish 3

Wedding at Cloverleaf Farm - Atlanta Event DJ - DJ Cuttlefish 4

Wedding at Cloverleaf Farm - Atlanta Event DJ - DJ Cuttlefish 5

Venue: Cloverleaf Farm

Photography: Six Hearts Photography, Far Out Galaxy

DJ: DJ CuttlefishFar Out Galaxy

Photo Booth: Robot BoothFar Out Galaxy

Have You Seen Us on Insta Lately? – Atlanta Wedding DJ

Did you know we hang out on Instagram? We share images and videos from events we do, show our team off, and sprinkle a little behind the scenes in every once in a while.

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An Easy Way to Share Your Must Plays With Us – DJ Cuttlefish

Hey there, lovely humans and party throwers!

We are often asked if we allow our clients to choose the music and the answer is yes, yes, and will always be yes. If you’re throwing a party for your grandma and her friends, you play what grandma and her friends like, right? It’s just the basics of knowing, understanding, and reading your crowd as a DJ, which is how we specialize in giving you and your guests the feels.

The next question after asking if you can choose your own music is usually “how do we share that with you?” Well, everything that we do is online so after you book online you get your own personalized portal into our system where you can view billing and legal, correspondence, and your questionnaire.

Your questionnaire has all kinds of questions like “what mood do you want the lighting to convey?” “should the music be censored?” “please copy and paste your schedule here” “please list your must play songs and the time you want them played” and all kinds of other questions so we can get to know you. The question about your must play songs is where you put what ya want and when ya want it. You can update this anytime and create a list of songs.

We really love our questionnaires and so do our clients, so we decided to take it a step farther and tell you an even more involved and easy way to create your wedding mix as you live your everyday life.

Say you’re at the gym with your headphones in listening to Spotify and a song that makes you wanna shake your groove thing comes on and you think “ohmy, this would be perfect for my reception!”. Just create a playlist on Spotify named “My Wedding” and add jams as you go.

When it comes time to fill out your questionnaire, simply get that playlist link and paste it in there. Our custom built Video DJ Facade is connected to Spotify through LTE and we can pull your songs directly from your playlist and incorporate them into the night smoothly.

So 2017, right? 😉