Right Meow – A DJ Cuttlefish Testimonial – Atlanta DJ

Melissa found us in 2015 for her wedding and still uses for her corporate events years later – plus her brother booked us for his wedding.  Check out her testimonial and review.

We hired DJ Cuttlefish for our company holiday party in Dec. In addition to their DJ service, we also hired their photo booth, Robot Booth. I have used both of these services in the past for my wedding in 2015, which is why I hired them again. They have great customer service and the quality of their work is great. My favorite thing about DJ Cuttlefish is the atmosphere they create with their lighting and projection. Makes for a really fun and inviting dance floor! I’d definitely hire them again and would recommend them to anyone.

Atlanta Wedding DJ at Terminus 330 – DJ Cuttlefish

We were so excited to be invited out to Terminus 330, an Atlanta wedding and event venue,  by Megan and Kevin for their wedding. Here’s a video peek into the fun that ensued during the reception with Jessica as their DJ.

Wedding at Ambient + Studio – Atlanta DJ Cuttlefish

We went out to in Atlanta for #HappilyEverHusack and we are still swooning over the couple, the venue, their choice in music, everything!

When we asked them what type of music they wanted, they said, and we quote, “Lots of daft punk, old hip hop (D4L, KANYE, ignition, slow jamz, fiesta, peaches n cream) Fleet Wood Mac. Songs will get more ratchet as the night progresses.” and we fell in love.

Cuz you know sometimes we like it ratchet and we always love making clients dreams come true. 💖👽

Check out these video clips of our Video DJ Facade during their ceremony and reception!

Wedding at Urban Tree Cidery – Projector Used During Ceremony – DJ Cuttlefish

We had the pleasure of going out to a non traditional wedding ceremony and reception at Urban Tree Cidery. Jenny was their assigned DJ and loved every bit of it!

Jen and BJ, announced as Mr. and Mrs. Reeves, told guests to come as they are, had a street taco bar, and incredible attitudes!

When we asked them what kind of music they wanted to hear, they expressed that many genres were in their realm of likability and we quote them saying “Dance and drink – What else does a wedding need?? I suppose vows but we’ll take care of that too : )”

Our kind of answer!

Speaking of vows, they used our included Projector as the backdrop for their ceremony and it was as cool as can be! They also used our Branded Video DJ Facade as a way to personalize the event!

See photos and video below!

urban tree cidery dj 800px

urban tree cidery dj 800px 1