Dj Cuttlefish

5 Dance Moves To Do In The Jam Circle – DJ Cuttlefish

Hi! We love it when a dance floor gets going really good. A Jam Circle forms and your guests take turns showing their best moves in the center. We’re here to share 5 fun moves you can do when it’s your turn. (These gifs were found floating everywhere around the internet)

  1. The Sprinkler tumblr_ncuft8jQd91qzj2iro1_500
  2. The Worm just_a_guy_doing_the_worm_on_top_of_a_moving_car-21275
  3. The Carlton 1tumblr_lgp6q5NhE21qcjtu8o1_500
  4. Chest Pumping H3Oh0NS
  5. Air Booty Slap tumblr_lfa5tmS93q1qdok1go1_500