Atlanta Wedding DJ at Terminus 330 – DJ Cuttlefish

We were so excited to be invited out to Terminus 330, an Atlanta wedding and event venue,  by Megan and Kevin for their wedding. Here’s a video peek into the fun that ensued during the reception with Jessica as their DJ.

Atlanta Special Event DJ – Feature – DJ Cuttlefish

Hey there! We’re here again with another DJ feature, this time on Jessica – our alien with the blue hair!

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Q. What’s your current favorite song?

A. La Devotee – Panic! at the Disco

Q. What’s your favorite thing about special events and music?

A. Watching people enjoy the music. Music will always change and grow, but enjoyment from music will always stay the same.

Q. What’s your go to dance move?

A. The Running Man. An oldie but a goodie.


Jessica was exactly what my kidlets wanted. She played music they loved, the lights were enchanting, and it was the smoothest, most delightful experience. We will definitely be using again.

Jessica did a great job and we really enjoyed having her there.

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