Atlanta Wedding & Event DJ – Reko from DJ Cuttlefish

Reko got his first job in radio at 16 years old! From there he learned how to mix, hopped on the mic in the club, and grew to be a radio personality. He’s thrown city wide parties and DJ’ed in clubs as well as for community events, private birthday parties, wedding receptions, class reunions and family reunions. He created and hosted fun segments for a Hip Hop station like ‘Throw Em In The Toxic Tank!’ and has reported on traffic for various stations. He’s even had the opportunity to meet and interview with some of today’s top artists such as Cardi B. 

When he was 18 his supervisor at the radio station asked him to fill in at a party. Reko had never DJ’ed a live event before and it was a retirement party so it was rather simple but he thought to himself what any solid DJ does, “their good time is based on my actions”. The end result went well and that was when he decided he wanted to DJ events. 

Reko’s favorite part of DJing events is seeing the crowd express their fun – such as screaming when they hear their favorite song and of course when they hit the dance floor and the music makes them go CRAZYYYY!! It makes him feel good knowing he’s fulfilling his purpose and gives him that extra boost.

His love for music extends beyond DJing events. When he was in middle school, he learned the basics of playing the piano. He even played in a recital once a long time. Sometimes he thinks about going back to finish those studies.

As far as dancing, once the beat drops and his head starts boppin’, Reko no longer has control over his body. In the past his go to dance move was to JUMP! Yes, JUMP! The right song will have him shouting the song lyrics out and literally bouncing off his feet! He’s a cordial partier – if a song such as “Swag Surfin” comes on, Reko doesn’t care who you are or what you look like, he’s putting his arm around your back and goin “left to right, left to right!!”

Reko has a special ability to connect with anyone. While he only speaks English, he’s an expert on smiling and nodding to those who speak other languages. 😉

Reko knows there are 3 key elements to every good party – good drinks, good food, and good music. The 3 go hand in hand. You really can’t have one without the other two. Good food makes them enjoy themselves, good music makes them want to party, and good drinks tell them what to do when they hear the music.

A good time to Reko is when people are sweaty and asking the bartender for more drinks or even water to cool off, when you look around the dance floor and see some people have taken their shoes off, when you see wall to wall people dancing, singing or rapping to the music and even when you see people on the dance floor who are normally well reserved that have been bitten by the Party Bug and hit the dance floor.

When preparing for events, Reko thinks about the type of event and the crowd he’ll be entertaining. In the weeks leading up to event, he attends other parties to see what’s getting the party going, then curates his music selections and has mini-party sessions at home leading up to the event. We love a researcher and a prepper. 

Reko describes his DJ style as smooth, spontaneous, and fun and his personal style as cool, friendly, and silly.

On his off days, you can catch Reko spending time with family and friends. It’s common to find family and friends at his house on nice days for a cookout or some type of gathering to get everyone together. If there’s red velvet cake at the gathering, even better. 

If he won the lottery, the very first thing Reko would do is go to a crab leg buffet. Once he’s done eating up the sea, he would donate to his  old church and a worthy-cause, buy a new car, buy a house in full, start two businesses, and then randomly send my parents increments of lots of money at a time.

Reko’s energy is contagious. His professionalism and kindness glows while  his knowledge and MC skills are unmatched. He can’t wait to party with you. 

  • I had a chance to see DJ Reko in action at a wedding. I was super impressed! He was obviously experienced with keeping people dancing as he played hit after hit throughout the night. Great song selection. Read the room well. Let the music speak for itself and didn’t need to dominate the mic all night to create a fun atmosphere. He was laid back and professional!” – Matt
  • Reko did an amazing job! Everyone loved the music and I would most definitely book with him again.”