4 David Bowie Songs For Your Wedding – DJ Cuttlefish

In honor of the great David Bowie, here are 4 of his songs that are perfect for your wedding.

1 Be My Wife

2 Let’s Dance

3 The Wedding Song

4 Absolute Beginners

I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

4 Songs For Your Bouquet Toss (Besides Single Ladies) – Atlanta Wedding + Event DJ – DJ Cuttlefish

Since Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) by Beyonce came out in 2008, it has blasted through every DJs speakers for the bouquet toss at 7/10 weddings performed across the nation. Don’t trust us on this statistic cause we just pulled it out of our butts. Seriously though, Single Ladies has taken over the Bouquet Toss and we’re here to share some alternatives with you. For you, alternative peeps.

We like Bouquet Toss Songs that scream GIRL POWER, you know, in bubble letters with flowers and all like you used to write in your 4th grade notebook. Cause, after all, the bouquet toss is THE part of your wedding that’s all about the girls. Have fun with this time!


Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

This one is a bit cliche like Single Ladies but is more classic and SO fun to dance to. And seriously, it’s all about girls. Girls, girls, girls. You may even have an entire crowd of gals belting out the lyrics to this one. Is there a song that rings more true?


Love Is A Battlefield by Pat Benatar 

We all know Love Is A Battlefield but just wait until your Bouquet Toss. You’ll see a battlefield then. (hahahahaha)


Run The World (Girls) by Beyonce

We had to sneak a Beyonce on in here. Who run this motha f’? GIRLS. We ain’t scared to run this back.


Bad Girls by MIA

Bring your bad girls out to this one. All about women empowerment, we admire this song not only for its bad assery, but also because the music video is a protest piece to the illegality of women driving in Saudi Arabia.


We’ll be back with more Bouquet Toss songs soon so keep up with our blog! TTYL!


4 Grand Entrance Songs For Your Reception – Atlanta DJ – DJ Cuttlefish

Hey there! We did a post with 4 songs for grand entrances (click here to check it out) and thought you all might want another list of grand entrance songs. Here ya go!


1. We Like to Party by Vengaboys

This one, an electronic dance song, is good for silly dancing into your reception room and then conga lining it around the dance floor with your bridal party to put on a little show with your guests.

2. Scream and Shout by Will.I.Am and Britney Spears

Seriously, they say “all eyes on us” over and over. And you totally want your guests to scream and shout for you. Ohhhh weeee ohhh weeeeoh we oh! Yeah.

3. Paparazzi by Lady Gaga

All of your guests are going to be photographing your entrance anyways. Might as well have your superstar moment.

4. With a Little Help From My Friends – The Beatles

This one is good for bridal party entrances – it’s upbeat, and about friendship.


Until next time,

DJ Cuttlefish


10 Slow Songs Everyone Loves

Hi there, humans! We are here to share 10 slow songs your guests are sure to love at your event – especially a wedding!!

Enjoy. 🙂

At Last by Etta James

This song is a beautiful classic that everyone in the room will know. Your photographer will get the sweetest photos of your grandparents, parents, and aunts and uncles holding each other tight during this one.

Falling in Love with You by Elvis

We don’t think this one needs an explanation as to why it’s a good slow song choice. It has the same effect as “At Last” and who doesn’t love Elvis?

How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding

This song isn’t a “classic” (yet… ;)) but it’s by a new popular artist, Ellie Goulding, and has the sweetest lyrics.

Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

We’ve seen this one used for first dances and absolutely love it. Everyone’s sure to be feeling wonderful after this hit.

When a Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge

Also a good first dance song, we’d love to see a groom serenade his new wife with this one. 😉

Latch, the Acoustic Version by Sam Smith

Featured in our most recent mix, this one has some great lyrics about realizing and locking in the love – perfect for the day you latch onto each other for life.  Plus, it’s a newer hit for your modern couple. We recommend the acoustic version for a slow song. The original would be good party music – both are below.

Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon

We just really like this one. It’s also a great sing along.

Better Together by Jack Johnson

This slow song is an upbeat and happy one that’s good for giving your guests a break from party dancing while still keeping the vibes lighthearted.

Your Song by Elton John or Ellie Goulding

Your Song by Elton John is a heart grabbing classic. Play this and the floor is sure to be full of love birds. Or, mix it up (like Prince William and Kate Middleton did for their first dance) and surprise your guests with the modern cover by Ellie Goulding. Both are below.

Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan or Adele

On a day that you’re vowing to love one another for life, we think the lyrics for this one has the sweetest sentiment. Plus, there are two different versions that everyone will recognize. Both are below. Which will you choose?


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4 Grand Entrance Songs to be Announced Into Your Wedding Reception to – DJ Cuttlefish

Hey there, Humans. DJ Cuttlefish team here. We’re back to share some more of our expertise with you – four songs we think are good for making your grand entrance into your reception. You know, to get your crowd pumped up about your love.

When it comes down to it, it depends on what style you’re into. There are good intro songs in most genres – dance, hip hop, rock, pop, and oldies. Here are just four that we think hit the spot every time (and aren’t totally overdone).

1 Treasure by Bruno Mars

This one has a great beat for your guests to stand up and clap to while your bridal party gets their feet and booty movin’ as they come into the reception room. Imagine your best man, bridesmaid, or groom hitting the center of the floor with the Sprinkler to this song for their intro.

2 Feel So Close by Calvin Harris

Your guests and bridal party won’t have a choice but to get pumped to this one – you know, cause they won’t be able to fight the urge to fist pump. It’s current and hip, too.

3 Everlasting Love by Natalie Cole

This one is good if you’re trying to keep it a little classy. It puts some pep in your step, is good for spinning your dance partner around, and is a romantic classic. Can’t go wrong. It’s also nice if you’re moving directly into your first dance after your intro, cause it’s a little calmer before a slow dance.

4 Crazy in Love

This one is a good choice if you’re trying to get your crowd crunk. You can clap, sway, booty bump, and twerk to this.


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