4 Grand Entrance Songs to be Announced Into Your Wedding Reception to – DJ Cuttlefish

Hey there, Humans. DJ Cuttlefish team here. We’re back to share some more of our expertise with you – four songs we think are good for making your grand entrance into your reception. You know, to get your crowd pumped up about your love.

When it comes down to it, it depends on what style you’re into. There are good intro songs in most genres – dance, hip hop, rock, pop, and oldies. Here are just four that we think hit the spot every time (and aren’t totally overdone).

1 Treasure by Bruno Mars

This one has a great beat for your guests to stand up and clap to while your bridal party gets their feet and booty movin’ as they come into the reception room. Imagine your best man, bridesmaid, or groom hitting the center of the floor with the Sprinkler to this song for their intro.

2 Feel So Close by Calvin Harris

Your guests and bridal party won’t have a choice but to get pumped to this one – you know, cause they won’t be able to fight the urge to fist pump. It’s current and hip, too.

3 Everlasting Love by Natalie Cole

This one is good if you’re trying to keep it a little classy. It puts some pep in your step, is good for spinning your dance partner around, and is a romantic classic. Can’t go wrong. It’s also nice if you’re moving directly into your first dance after your intro, cause it’s a little calmer before a slow dance.

4 Crazy in Love

This one is a good choice if you’re trying to get your crowd crunk. You can clap, sway, booty bump, and twerk to this.


We’ll be back to share more with you soon, so keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook until then!

Atlanta Piedmont Room Wedding DJ – Kyung + Michael – DJ Cuttlefish

Kyung and Michael are super cool and so was their day before Halloween wedding at The Piedmont Room. We are so stoked to have been a part of it. Here are some photos courtesy of Six Hearts Photography of it going down on the dance floor.

P.S. Stay tuned for a new mix coming to the blog next week!!

Atlanta Asian Wedding Dj 5Atlanta Asian Wedding Dj 2Atlanta Asian Wedding Dj 3Atlanta Asian Wedding Dj 6Atlanta Asian Wedding Dj 8Atlanta Asian Wedding Dj 7Atlanta Asian Wedding Dj 1


Venue + Catering: THE PIEDMONT ROOM


Planner + Coordinator: Laura with SOIREE SOUTH





Dj Cuttlefish partners with Rue 21

We were so stoked when Rue 21 reached out and wanted to partner with us for a Halloween party they were throwing at our local shop in Carrollton for shoppers called ‘Shop & Jam’.

Day and Mackenzie were the DJs we sent to this event and they loved every bit of it. Day dressed as Batman and Mackenzie dressed as Cat Woman. A few shoppers and employees were dressed up as well.

Six Hearts Photography stopped by and snapped a few photos. Check them out now!

rue 21 teams up with dj cuttlefish 2rue 21 teams up with dj cuttlefish 1